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Post Production Services & DI Lab In Norway

I have some wonderful news to share about free post-production services! 👋🇳🇴

Recently, I've started a new chapter of my life in Norway, and I'm incredibly motivated to contribute to the well-being of this amazing country. Here's what I've been thinking!

With a substantial background in filmmaking, I've fully set up a workspace for creative pursuits. My idea revolves around offering my professional services free of charge for non-commercial projects – this could involve filming student works, crafting documentaries, supporting emerging directors, and much more.

For me, this isn't just an intriguing experience that will allow me to immerse myself more deeply in Norwegian culture, but also an opportunity to improve my skills in English and Norwegian languages. If you're interested in learning more about me, you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile

Feel free to send your tasks via email or messaging platforms, and I'll respond with how I can assist.

Since this is my first time trying out such an experiment, I would greatly appreciate any comments or advice.

MOVIESTIME.GROUP provides an exceptional blend of advanced technologies and top-level professionals at budget-friendly prices for the independent film industry. Our commitment is to deliver superior services at reasonable costs, while actively fostering and advancing the world of independent cinema.

Our team has a wealth of experience adhering to the stringent technical and quality standards of global studios and broadcasters like Netflix, Amazon, and Lionsgate. We guarantee the most secure delivery via a method that suits your project team's needs the best.

Provided Services

Online Conform Service

Color Grading Service

Online Finishing Service

Digital Delivery Services

Technical Support of Festivals

Artists for Ukraine

USA, Palm Springs Center, 2022

Les Journées du cinéma ukrainien

Paris, Cinéma Le Balzac, 2021

Open Night

Ukraine, ArtPrichal, 2018